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so i started watching gossip girl..oops


The Krew~ 

Needed to doodle something. It’s been hours.

she’s strong.


I always wanted to protect those who I loved. I wanted the best for them. Though, I always knew that it’s impossible, since they know me, since they know the avatar. I love them, but at the same time, my LOVE is my WEAKNESS. I have fear to lose them, to lose him, Mako. I will do everything to protect them, to save their lives from my burden. As the Avatar, I can and must serve the world, I can save the people, I can save the day, stop the evil, the darkness, but cannot save lives. Once they’re lost, they will never be back. I found something, someone. He showed me a dark path, but also a path that gives me the ability to save those people. I always knew I deserved more power, and that I will be the most powerful Avatar ever. I WANT MORE. It showed me the true world in which I am and their corrupt leaders. For everything I thought that was good, was a lie. They all want to take control and destroy the good. The White Lotus, the United Forces, the President… They all need to die. The Sith are the only good in the World.

Well, some Star Wars-Korra had to be :D After watching the whole Saga again, it just mixed with Avatar in my head and this came out :D IT WOULD BE A SO AWESOME STORY D:

LOTR “Not all those who wander are lost”- J.R.R. Tolkien


PJO Harry Potter AU

slytherin-annabeth & hufflepuff-percy


Bolin in suit appreciation post!
I know everyone is crazy about his muscle but please guys he looks dashing with that formal suit! spread more love for bolin in suit!

also trying out my new tablet

yo yo im not dead